Rental & Construction


Systematic Rental Management

Texada's SRM application suite provides a real time view to all the equipment you manage, both owned and re-rented assets. Within a single view, users can see all the available equipment, see which is on a job or at the shop for maintenance. And because SRM is available in the cloud, you can manage your rental business from anywhere at anytime. Ask about our Referral Program

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Business Intelligence


Dynamic Reports

Dynamic Reports is a flexible tool that gives complete reporting control to your end users. With a simplistic click and drag interface and non-technical terminology, users are not required to be an expert in business intelligence reporting to use Dynamic Reports.

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Mobile Equipment Inspection



FleetLogicâ„¢ is a new mobile equipment inspection and tracking platform for iOS, Android and mobile web that provides detailed asset tracking and data management tools. It enables simpler, faster and easier in-the-field equipment inspections and work order data entry, as well as many other powerful features.

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